Seal of Handcraft of the Valencian Community



The Crafts Center of the Valencian Community, through the Ministry of Economy of the Generalitat, has distinguished Lozano with the label ‘ARTESANIA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA’, within the category ‘Artisan Pastry’, with the D.C.A. No. 5186. A badge that is granted to companies and individuals who demonstrate compliance with certain parameters of artisanal manufacturing in all their production processes, thus guaranteeing high quality standards.

Or what is the same, highlights that Lozano pastry and pastry products are made today as they were in the past: traditionally and with great care. From the preparation of the mixture in the workshop to packaging, through kneading, filling or decorating, they are carried out manually in the face of increasingly common industrialized procedures, where the figure of the artisan pastry chef tends to be replaced by machinery.

But, to differentiate oneself, it is of little use to do things this way if quality raw materials are not used in parallel, such as fresh eggs, selected flours or non-hydrogenated oils. And that is also Lozano’s commitment.

A genuine way of understanding confectionery, which began in 1976 in a small family wood-fired oven and lives on today in all our traditional recipes. A spirit that has led us to continuously develop and improve our range of products and services, and which now receives this great recognition.

To the HACCP systems for the food industry, with the pertinent Health inspections, as well as to the quality audits to which the ISO 9001 submits us, the label ARTESANIA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA is added ‘: another guarantor of quality, which makes us in the first brand of pastry from Elche to achieve this, and which we will proudly display from now on on all Lozano product packages.



The Crafts Center of the Valencian Community is an entity destined, mainly, to spread and promote the crafts of the Community, as well as to promote the consolidation and competitiveness of companies in the different craft sectors that comprise it, through the development of promotional, informative, training, analysis, assistance and coordination policies.

The Valencian Generalitat founded it in 1987, through the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment, and the Hon. Valencia City Council, with the purpose of developing the potential of the artisan collective as an important part of the Valencian productive fabric and as a guarantee of survival of our artistic and cultural roots.

Consequently, the label ‘ARTESANIA COMUNITAT VALENCIANA’ certifies the artisan nature of the company. In order to use the badge, it is necessary to possess the Artisan Qualification Document (D.C.A.), which recognizes artisans and artisan companies before the Public Administration.

Lozano Repostería Artesanal is identified by the Centro de Artesanía de la Comunitat Valenciana as an artisan company, within the category of ‘Artisan Pastry’, with the D.C.A. No. 5186.



ProductosLozano SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fundwhose objective is to promote research, technological development andinnovation, and thanks to which it has been carried out the project of 4.3IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODOLOGIES to support the creationand consolidation of Innovative Companies. For this, Lozano has had the supportof the InnoCámaras 2019 Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante andProvincial Council of Alicante.