The business’ management is aware of the importance of the proper functioning of the company in every aspect and feels the need of improvement valuing the compromise with the customers, the variable trends of the market and the strong competition at present. So it is considered as a need the development and establishment of a quality management and nutritional security system based in the UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2015 regulation.

In order to accomplish the objectives, the management establishes the following quality policy:

Satisfy and anticipate the customer demands building up fidelity to the brand.

  1. The intent to guarantee the high quality of the products in every phase of its production, design, raw material quality, nutritional security, packaging and shipping.


  1. Generating an environment of facilities and good customer service through the selling process and offering a wide range of possibilities when acquiring the offered products through new technologies, in person or via telephone. The complete security of the reception of the orders and fast shipping.

The quality takes into account the own business vision, that emanates from the heart of the organization. Consequently, the management seeks a good internal climate, since the productivity of the workers enhances the value of the service and that, in turn, increases the client satisfaction.

  1. Through the motivation and training of the employees satisfying their needs, raising their responsibility, efficiency and productivity in the company.
  2. Developing a mindset of constant improvement will be sought, strengthening the management of participative quality which takes advantage of the capacities of all the staff.

In order to fully implement the former guidelines, PRODUCTOS LOZANO S.L provides all their employees with the appropriate material mains and services.

The management delegates to the Quality Committee the authority and the necessary independence to carry out the verification of the Quality Management System. It is intended to detect errors through audits and solve them, optimizing the use of the resources.

This policy includes the compromise of meeting the established requirements and continuously improve the system’s effectiveness.

ProductosLozano SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fundwhose objective is to promote research, technological development andinnovation, and thanks to which it has been carried out the project of 4.3IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODOLOGIES to support the creationand consolidation of Innovative Companies. For this, Lozano has had the supportof the InnoCámaras 2019 Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante andProvincial Council of Alicante.