The ilicitan employer of the services sector, the Association of Service Companies of Elche and Region (Aesec), has recognized the work and trajectory of several entrepreneurs and companies, on the occasion of its 11th anniversary. The entity has held an assembly in which its president, José Rizo, highlighted the achievements of the sector since the association was created. The event took place on Friday March 15 at the Hort de Nal.

The group has distinguished Productos Lozano SL as the best company of the year. The Lozano Ruíz family is a firm that began its activity in the confectionery sector in 1976 in a small place in the city of Elche. According to the group, “Grandmother Bienvenida, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, along with her husband Tomas, began making cupcakes by hand in a small oven, and little by little, they became known selling locally and provincially.” Currently at the head of Productos Lozano are the second and third generation of the family, which has a large, fully integrated human team.

Members of that second and third generation attended the gala, represented by the sons José Luis, Marisol, Paqui and Tomás Lozano; and by Raquel Lozano.

Aesec also recognized the Vindex firm as the most innovative company, which is one of companies with a trajectory of more than 20 years, in which, highlighted by the employers of services, “they have opted for technological advancement in order to take advantage of the latest news, and that the client has the information quickly and up to date ».

The award for the best service company has been awarded to Supra MK, which is a company with 15 years of experience, which is made up of professionals with experience in advertising and merchandising services.

As for the companies in the services sector that have passed 25 years of activity, the employers of the services recognized Grabados y Rótulos Rico Soborg, Etería Consultores, Grupo Martí, and García Asociados Asesores.

Finally, the illicit employers of the services recognized the commitment and dedication of more than a decade to founding partners who are still at the head of the entity and who are José Valverde Pérez, Rafael Antón Boix, José Mármol Fernández, Antonio Climent Ramos, and José Rizo Soler.

The meeting of the services sector in Elche also had the presence of the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, on this occasion, who highlighted the importance of associationism in the city of Elche and the use of these bodies as spokespersons in institutions.



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ProductosLozano SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fundwhose objective is to promote research, technological development andinnovation, and thanks to which it has been carried out the project of 4.3IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND METHODOLOGIES to support the creationand consolidation of Innovative Companies. For this, Lozano has had the supportof the InnoCámaras 2019 Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante andProvincial Council of Alicante.