Despite the latest scientific studies showing that ‘trans fats’ are harmful to health, there is still no European regulation that prohibits their use in food. Despite this, Lozano has progressively eliminated ‘trans fats’ from our own products, to guarantee consumers quality and healthy products.

And it is precisely in confectionery and pastries, and in the food industry in general, where it is most likely to find them, thanks to the fact that this type of vegetable fat, when subjected to industrial processes of hydrogenation, transforms from the liquid to the solid state, which allows to increase the shelf life of food and help to improve the stability, durability, taste and texture of food.


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Trans fats were initially considered a healthy option to replace saturated fats of animal origin, closely associated with cardiovascular problems. But recent studies have shown that they are harmful for various reasons, related to increased cholesterol, obesity, or the risk of Type II diabetes. This is recommended by the Ministry of Health and Consumption in its Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention (NAOS):

«Hydrogenated fats are harmful to health, as they have the property of raising” bad “cholesterol (LDL) and lowering” good “cholesterol (HDL), in addition to other harmful effects in children such as delayed growth and maturation. of the brain, as well as the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in all food products, eliminating hydrogenated fats means aligning with this strategy».

The progressive elimination of this type of fat joins other quality policies that we have been implementing since 1976 since Lozano: quality flours, fresh eggs, artisan processes, etc.


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